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Offering a 401(k) or 403(b) Should Be Easy
A finger pushing a button labeled ‘Invest’
As a financial advisor, we know how difficult it is to provide a retirement plan solution. Either you need to put the many pieces together yourself or you can go to a captive provider that sells its own funds over others. Meanwhile, the choice is daunting for the sponsor who is faced with up to 1,500 different options, a complex web of fiduciary duties, and a fee structure that hurts employees.

Vestwell makes offering Retirement Plans easier for investment advisors — our modern technology platform empowers advisors to provide the conflict-free, intuitive investing experience that your clients expect with the insight that only a real advisor can offer. In a changing landscape, we give you new tools to differentiate yourself.

Custom built for Advisors like you
Whether your client is considering starting or converting a plan, sponsors want customized 401(k), 403(b), and Cash Balance plans in an easily digestible format. You can generate a custom proposal in under 10 minutes, and then walk your clients through the plan documents on our easy-to-use portal. After that, our portal makes managing the plan easy, no matter the customization.
A price tag of Vestwell’s low fees
Low fees lead to more savings
Vestwell’s fees are lower than the industry average, meaning that your clients’ employees can keep more money in their accounts and save more money for retirement.
A name tag to identify you to your clients
We put your name first
Your clients chose you because they trust you, so the Vestwell platform puts your company’s name and logo at the top of each page and piece of correspondence.
A desktop computer Vestwell customers use to custom tailor their clients’ plans
More than just 401(k) in a box
Unlike our competitors, Vestwell allows you to custom tailor plans for each of your clients. Vestwell supports Safe Harbor, Non-Safe Harbor, Profit Sharing, 403(b), and Cash Balance plans.

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